Monroe County, NY - Parks Department (2024)

​​​​​​Department of Parks
171 Reservoir Avenue
Rochester, New York, 14620

Phone:585 753-PARK (7275)
Fax:585 753-7284

Full List of Parks - Click For Info & Maps

  • Abraham Lincoln Park
  • Black Creek Park
  • Beikirch Park
  • Churchville Park
  • Devil’s Cove Park
  • Durand-Eastman Park
  • Ellison Park
  • Genesee Valley Park
  • Golf Courses
  • Greece Canal Park
  • Highland Park
  • Irondequoit Bay Park West
  • Lehigh Valley Trail Linear Park
  • Lucien Morin Park
  • Mendon Ponds Park
  • Northampton Park
  • Oatka Creek Park
  • Ontario Beach Park
  • Powder Mills Park
  • Seneca Park
  • Seneca Park Zoo
  • Tryon Park
  • Webster Park

Map of All ParksReserve a Lodge or Shelter

Monroe County, NY - Parks Department (1)Online Lodge & Shelter Reservations

Reserve a lodge or shelter for your upcoming event!

Make Lodge or Shelter Reservation

  • Reservation, Payment, Cancellation, Transfer, and Refund Policies

Monroe County, NY - Parks Department (2)Online Recreation Field & TrailReservation Requests

Request a reservation for one of the many athletic fields at any of our parks for a single day or the entire spring, summer, or fall season.

Make Field Reservation

  • Reservation, Payment, Cancellation, Transfer, and Refund Policies

Monroe County, NY - Parks Department (3)Online Wedding Reservations at Highland Park

Reserve the Lilac Arches, the Sunken Garden, or the Lamberton Conservatoryin Highland Park for your wedding ceremony, reception, or pictures (not all activities permitted at all locations).

Make Wedding Reservation

  • Highland Park Info
  • Reservation, Payment, Cancellation, Transfer, and Refund Policies

Monroe County, NY - Parks Department (4)Online Campsite Reservations atWebster Park

The Webster Family Campground is open between May 1st and October 1st.

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  • Campground Rules
  • Price List for Camping Sites
  • Reservation, Payment, Cancellation, Transfer, and Refund Policies
  • Webster Park Info

Monroe County, NY - Parks Department (5)
Patrick Meredith

Parks Mission

The Monroe County Parks Department is comprised of dedicated staff working with community partners toeffectively and efficiently providean array of park services. This ensures that everyone may enjoy recreational and educational opportunities while treasuring the natural, zoological, horticultural, historical and geological features of the Monroe County Parks System.

Events In the Parks

Clickable Online Events Calendar

Park Updates

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello Announces Synthetic Ice Rink is Open at Ontario Beach Park

County Executive Adam Bello Announces Opening Of New Dog Park In Webster Park

Dog Park Registration

NEW! Dog parks registration and renewal can now be completed online.

You may register your dog for the Monroe County Dog Parks online orat the Monroe County Parks Administrative Office, located at 171 Reservoir Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620, across the street from the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park. Registration is open during regular business hours, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Mondays through Fridays (excluding Holidays). Extended application dates begin on October 1st.

Seasonal Parks Information

  • Athletic fields:Fields are open May 1st for the spring season, and stay open through October 31st (dependent on conditions).
    • We do not permit usage from November until May.
    • We start accepting Special Use Field Applications (for spring, summer, and fall seasons) each year on the last Friday of January at 8:30am.
  • Boat Launches (non-motorized,canoes, kayaks, rowboats):Launches at Black Creek, Churchville, Ellison, Irondequoit Bay Park West, and Mendon Ponds Parks are available seasonally between early spring and late fall.
  • Camping:Trailer, RV, Mobile Home, and tent camping for families is available at Webster Park from May 1st until October 31st. Click here to make reservations.
    • Youth/ Scout tent camping is available at Greece Canal, Mendon Ponds, Northampton, and Webster Parks all year.
  • Carousel:The cost is $1 per ride and children 2 and under ride for free with a paying adult.

The 2024Schedule

  • ​Cross-Country Skiing:Groomed trails are available at Durand Eastman, Mendon Ponds, and Webster Parks, seasonally, as conditions allow, during winter months. Please visit the Rochester Cross Country Ski Foundation website for daily conditions.
  • Disc Golf: Baskets at Churchville and Ellison Parks go up for the season in mid April, and stay up until early to mid November
  • Dog Parks:Dog parks are open all year from 7am until dusk.
    • The interior areas of the dog parks are not plowed, shoveled, or salted.
  • Downhill Skiing: Groomedski hill available at Powder Mills Park((585)-586-1470), as conditions allow, during winter months.
  • Golf:Golf courses are located at Churchville, Durand Eastman, and Genesee Valley Parks.
    • Courses are open, as conditions allow, from early spring until early November.
    • Visit the Monroe County Parks Golf website for more information about hours, rates and courses and to book tee times!
  • Ice Fishing:Ice fishing is popular at Durand Eastman, Irondequoit Bay Park West, and Mendon Ponds Parks.
    • Ice fishing is done at your own risk, and should not be done if ice thickness is not sufficient.
  • Ice Skating:Groomed natural-ice surfaces are available in Churchville and Highland Parks. A sythentic Ice Rink is open at Ontario Beach Park
    • Churchville Ice Rink
    • Highland Ice Rink
    • Ontario Beach Synthetic Ice Rink
    • Rinks are open, as conditions allow, during winter months.
    • When ice conditions allow, rink hours are 10am until 10pm.
    • Ice skating is not permitted elsewhere in the Monroe County Parks.
    • Equipment is not available for rent in any park.
    • Warming huts are available nearby the rinks at Churchville and Highland Parks.
    • Ice conditions will vary depending on weather.
    • Ice skating is done at your own risk.
  • Off-Road Bicycling:Permitted only in Irondequoit Bay Park West and Tryon Park, and is strongly discouraged when trails are wet and/or muddy.
  • Sledding:Designated sledding hills can be found at Black Creek, Ellison, Mendon Ponds, Northampton, and Webster Parks.
    • Sledding in non-designated areas is not permitted. Please call Park Office for conditions.
  • Snowshoeing:Snowshoeing is permitted on designated hiking trails, or in open fields, in any Monroe County Park.
    • Snowsho*rs should avoid walking on groomed cross country ski trails. Instead, they should walk along side them.
    • Snowshoeing is done at your own risk.
  • Swimming:Swimming at Ontario Beach is open daily from 11am-7pm (dependent on conditions) from End of June 2024through and including Labor Day (September).
  • Tennis and pickleball:Nets at Churchville, Ellison, Greece Canal, Ontario Beach, and Webster Parks go up for the season around May 1st and stay up until around October 31st.

Seasonal Flyers:

  • Spring/Summer/Fall Activities: Click here for a flyer about Spring/Summer/Fall activities.
  • Winter Activities:Click here for a flyer about Winter activities.

Special Use Permits

Special Use Permit Applications

Examples of Special Use include:

  • Charity and other Runs, Bike Rides, Walks
  • Open to the Public Fundraisers/ Charity Events/ Awareness Events
  • Races (Snowshoe, Road, Trail, Bike, Triathlons, large XC Meets, etc.)
  • Festivals, Fairs, Carnivals, Expos, public Picnics
  • Concerts
  • Summer Camps
  • Fishing Derbies
  • Large, public, outdoor recreation events (e.g. orienteering)
  • Military , Police, Fire, Ambulance Trainings
  • Memorial Events (Fred Doug, AIDS, Workers, Victims, Vietnam Vets
  • Ticketed Events
  • Religious Ed/ Info Booths
  • Regattas/ Boat races
  • Markets
  • Large Company picnics
  • Large or Open to the Public Fundraiser picnics
  • Horse events/ Rides
  • Commercial and Student Film/Photo Shoots
  • Wellness Events/ Festivals
  • Music events (e.g. Drum Corps) and Theater performances
  • Motorcycle rides and Car Shows
  • Food Truck events
  • Other (e.g. Model Flying Field Events, Ham Radio Event, Public Safety awareness Event)
  • Public programs, classes, Hikes, Tours, Trail runs, Walking classes/groups, Birding hikes, Canoe/ kayak “hikes”
  • Exercise classes, Yoga, Boot camp, Running training,Fitness training, HikYoga, Disc Golf tournaments, Bike demo days
  • Large Athletic/ Sports Tournaments
  • Large Scout Camping Events (e.g. Klondikes, Camporees)
  • Education/ Environmental Ed Events
  • Sports leagues, Kickball, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Wiffleball, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket

Monroe County Parks: By the Numbers

  • 12,000 Acres
  • 22Parks
  • 32 Athletic Fields
  • 350+ Special Events
  • Endless miles of trails
  • 1 Conservatory
  • 1 Public Campground
    • 46 Campsites
  • 4 Scout/Youth Camping Areas
  • 2 Dog Parks
    • ​with reciprocal access to 3 additional dog parks
  • 2Arboretums (Durand and Highland)
  • 2 parks forOff-road cycling
  • 1 Beach for Swimming
  • 4 Canoe and Kayak launches

  • 1Fish hatchery (Powder Mills)

  • 1Model airplane flying field (Northampton)

  • 7 parks withPickleball courts

  • 4 parks withTennis courts

  • 6 parks with DesignatedSledding Hills

  • 2 parks withDownhill Skiing

  • Endless Fishing

  • 3 parks with Groomed Cross Country Ski Trails

  • 2Disc Golf Courses

  • 3 parks withGolf Courses

    • 5 Courses

    • 81 total Holes

  • ​3 Ice Skating Rinks

  • 1 Working/Educational Farm (Springdale Farm)

  • 1 Bird Sanctuary (Wild Wings, Inc.)

Monroe County, NY - Parks Department (2024)


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