Plug Talk Podcast: Deep Dive Into Hip-Hop & Music Culture (2024)

Plug Talk is an adult podcast that interviews adult film stars like Jazlyn Ray and Alexis Tae on OnlyFans.

It is hosted by Adam John Grandmaison, also known as Adam22, and his fiance Lena Narsesian, also known as Lena the “plug”.

The podcast first aired in November 2021 and slowly gained popularity for being funny, genuinely interesting, and covering a range of topics about adult stars and their unexplored experiences.

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The Creator Behind the Podcast

Adam John Grandmaison and Lena Nersesian are the hosts behind this famous podcast.

Before becoming a podcaster, Adam was a BMX rider who launched the website The Come Up, which later influenced him to create his own biking team and line of BMX products.

In 2011, he steered away from BMX and began dabbling with the art of blogging.

His first blog was called No Jumper, which later became a well-known YouTube channel in 2015.

On it, he interviewed rap artists and pop-culture tastemakers.

The show has millions of subscribers on YouTube with an average of more than 1 million views on all videos.

The second host, Lena Nersesian, is a podcaster, YouTuber, and social media influencer.

In addition to Plug Talk, she recently launched her own podcast called Touchy Subject which discusses topics like sexual and domestic violence, sextortion, etc.

Before becoming a full-time YouTuber and social media influencer, Lena worked odd jobs to earn money.

She worked as a nanny, Uber Driver, and even as a cashier at Shoppers Corner, a grocery shop.

In 2016 she launched her YouTube channel, Lena the Plug, where she accumulated millions of subscribers through her vlogs, pranks, fitness videos, and Q&A.

By 2017, Grandmaison and his fiance began starring in adult films for the website OnlyFans.

They uploaded a 2-minute video on YouTube announcing a sex tape that would be released when Lena reached 1 million subscribers.

To this day, the podcast is one of the most successful shows that addresses some taboo topics people do not want to discuss with their families.

Themes and Topics Covered

Plug Talk covers lots of different topics on its show.

The hosts are always inviting adult stars to share their stories on how they came to be in this industry, which attracts a lot of attention from their fans because they are eager to learn about their favorite stars’ childhood and history.

One of their most recent episodes includes an adult star known as LaSirena69 explaining how she had to sell inappropriate pictures of herself to make money and pay her rent.

She tells how she was fired from her office for posting many revealing pictures on her social media platforms because it reflected badly on the company.

To make ends meet, she contacted a photographer friend of hers and asked him to shoot her pictures.

This helped her earn enough money to pay the rent and become independent and not have to work for another boss.

In a later episode, the hosts invite another adult star called Skye Blue who reveals her first experience doing adult videos and what that meant to her.

She was 18 years old when she started in this industry, trying to make some money on the side because she was too bored.

She says that one day she spontaneously decided to become an adult star!

In another episode, the presenters interview Marina Maya and ask her to talk about her journey from being born into a strict Indian family to becoming an actor in the adult industry.

Marina explains how her parents kept a strong leash on her and didn’t prefer that she mingle with lots of boys or go to parties with her friends.

She then discusses her mental health problems and explains how she was insecure about her appearance and body when her long-time boyfriend broke up with her.

This show gets so many views and audiences primarily due to deep conversations like these.

Adam and Lena give adult stars a platform to discuss their lives and explain to the viewers their part of the journey – the good and the bad.

It clarifies how they either planned or did not pursue this profession; however, through all the mishaps and other events in their lives, they were forced to choose this lifestyle.

Now that they are in this profession, they are good at it, and their fans give them so much love that they do not want to do anything else.

Through these conversations, listeners understand the world of adult film stars and what they had to go through in life to reach where they are right now.

This makes the show all the more interesting and worth listening to for millions of viewers around the globe.

Reach of Plug Talk

The Plug Talk podcast has millions of followers online on almost all social media platforms and a huge fan base subscribing to and following the hosts’ YouTube channels and social media platforms.

The Plug Talk podcast has 79,500 subscribers on YouTube. The show is divided into YouTube Shorts and the most popular videos.

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available, the average podcast receives between a few thousand to a million views.

On Instagram, the podcast has 230,000 followers while on Tik Tok it has 15.1 million followers.

The show has a strong presence on Twitter as well, where it has 202,000 followers. Its latest tweet received over 338,000 views and was liked 392 times by different users.

Additionally, the host Adam Grandmaison has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and 920,000 followers on Twitter.

The second host of the podcast Lena Nersesian has 570,000 followers on Instagram.

She is most active on Twitter where she has 1.5 million followers.

Her latest tweet was viewed by more than 605,300 people and was liked more than 6,000 times.

I can't wait to show you the scene sugar!

— LTP (@lenatheplug) March 17, 2023

Her YouTube channel, Lena the Plug has 1.61 million subscribers.

The Plug Talk podcast reached the top 0.2 percent of Onlyfans after airing for only a few months.

This shows that fans are becoming more interested in the show and are looking for similar content.

Based on this analysis we estimate that Plug Talk receives 500k – 750k listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

The Format of the Podcast

The show starts with Adam and Lena – the hosts of the show – sitting on a sofa and introducing their guests for the episode.

Once their guest arrives, the hosts begin by making them comfortable.

Soon, Adam and Lena begin to engage their guest of the hour in an interesting conversation about how they got into the adult industry, how they spent their lives in the army, to how they were a devout Christian and turned into an adult movie star.

Towards the end of the podcast, upon the guests consent, Adam and Lena have intercourse with them and stream it to their fans online.

Reception and Impact

The podcast has been received very well by the fans of the adult movies industry.

Upon its release, it became one of the most popular shows on Onlyfans and the host, Adam, tweeted about how he and his fiance had a dream about starting a podcast which had recently come into fruition.

The show has thousands of subscribers on YouTube and thousands of followers on other social media platforms.

It is clear that the fans have grown to like the show and that the conversations intrigue them.

Here’s a review from a user who says:

“Adam and Lena are actually super dope people. Feel whatever way you feel about their relationship, it’s pure at its core.”


Plug Talk is an adult podcast that can be fun and intriguing to listen to.

It gives you information about the adult film industry, insights into the actors’ lives and personal stories, and talks about topics that can be considered taboo.

To know more about the podcast, listen to it yourself.

You can easily access the podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Onlyfans.For more entertaining talk shows, check out our infinite podcast collection here.

Plug Talk Podcast: Deep Dive Into Hip-Hop & Music Culture (2024)


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