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Writed by: Mark Burnell 2020 Synopsis: A woman seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family UK Reed Morano. Rhythm section theme song. This video is fine and all but YOUR HAIR! YOU LOOK FABULOUS GRACE! Keep up the fantastic work! 🖤. This actually looks really good.

Weve heard this time and time again, that new releases will show a "new side" of established actors. BBut this time it may actually be true. Most audiences probably know actress Blake Lively as the star of Gossip Girl and films like The Age of Adaline. Shes shown more of her talent and range in movies like The Shallows, The Town and A Simple Favor, but this weekend youll be able to see the blonde bombshell as youve truly never seen her before in The Rhythm Section. Revenge movies never go out of style and this one from The Handmaids Tale director Reed Morano stars a nearly unrecognizable Blake Lively as a broken woman named Stephanie Patrick who finds a new violent purpose when she discovers that the plane crash that killed her family was not an accident. The Rhythm Section is based on a series of books by Mark Burnell who adapted his own work for the movies screenplay. So, how is it? Well, that will really depend on who you ask. The first reviews for The Rhythm Section are in and critics are divided on this one. CinemaBlends own Mike Reyes was a fan though and gave The Rhythm Section 3. 5 out of 5 stars in his review. Mike wrote: The Rhythm Section and Blake Livelys Stephanie Patrick are given a truly R-rated start to something rougher than most spy films we've seen. Which is brilliant, considering the world has wondered if wed ever get a female James Bond, and Mark Burnells screenplay (based on his very own novel) proves that we dont need one. The James Bond comparisons are not surprising given that The Rhythm Section comes from Eon Productions, which also makes those spy films. But according to Mike, The Rhythm Section is something different, something that is brutal and brilliant. There is no need for a female Bond when there are original female characters like Blake Livelys Stephanie Patrick. Mike wasn't the only one who enjoyed The Rhythm Section. Variety 's Peter DeBruge also appreciated Reed Morano's film, especially the approach to the lead character and Blake Lively's performance in the role. In his review Peter wrote: The plot may be boilerplate in this female-driven revenge thriller, but Blake Lively sells it, playing an action hero who fights like a real person: badly. Unlike Daniel Craig's James Bond or Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills or Charlize Theron's Lorraine Broughton, Blake Lively's Stephanie Patrick is not a highly-skilled, cold-blooded assassin. In fact, she's pretty bad at first and basically stumbles her way through. That approach to this kind of character sets The Rhythm Section apart from many of its contemporaries. Variety highlighted Blake Lively's performance and it wasn't the only one. The strength of the actress's work in The Rhythm Section is a common thread in many of the reviews for the film. Digital Spy 's Ian Sandwell gave The Rhythm Section 3 out of 5 stars and wrote: Through it all though, The Rhythm Section is propelled by a compelling performance from Blake Lively…Following on from the excellent A Simple Favor, it's another dark role for her and it's clear she relishes playing against type. She manages to make corny lines work – ‘How would you do that? she's asked of her mission and replies, ‘Violently – and convinces in the brutal one-on-one fight scenes It seems that Blake Lively more than proves her action chops in The Rhythm Section and manages to elevate the film despite its flaws. However, for some critics even a great performance doesn't make up for The Rhythm Section 's story failings. The Hollywood Reporter 's Frank Scheck wrote: Fortunately, there's Lively, adopting a convincing British accent, who almost, but not quite, manages to infuse the convoluted goings-on with enough gravitas to make them convincing. Those convoluted goings-on cited by Frank Scheck proved to be too much for some critics, with the weakness of the film's script popping up in multiple reviews for The Rhythm Section. One critic who found those weaknesses particularly offensive was The Chicago Sun Times ' Richard Roeper. He gave The Rhythm Section 1. 5 out of 4 stars and wrote: Despite a game performance by Lively, The Rhythm Section is a junk pile of missteps, from the convoluted screenplay that hops from locale to locale in Advil-inducing fashion to the overly stylized directing to the self-consciously 'cool' oldies pop music selections. We've heard about Blake Lively's performance, but this is a revenge spy thriller and if you've seen the trailers for The Rhythm Section you know that there is plenty of violence and action in this movie. So how do those elements stack up? Fairly well according to The Guardian 's Peter Bradshaw, who gave The Rhythm Section 3 out of 5 stars in his review and said: Reed] Morano puts together good fight scenes, robust stunt work and tasty car chases. Its destined to be viewed on a million long-haul flights, but it works perfectly well as a thriller. While many audience members might not know it, The Rhythm Section is the first in a series of books. So the feature film adaptation could in theory be the first of multiple movies. It's too early to know if that will be the case, but it seems there is potential there, at least in part because of the lead performance and the fact that the film isn't overly concerned with it. Forbes ' Scott Mendelson wrote: The Rhythm Section isnt concerned with franchise-set up or worldbuilding. Its just, warts and all, a pretty good character study with a terrific lead performance. So as you can probably tell, critical consensus is fairly hard to come by on this one. The Rhythm Section is clearly not perfect and it really comes down to whether you think the strength of the action and Blake Lively's performance outweighs the weaknesses of script and story. If you're a Blake Lively fan or a fan of the books it's a must. Otherwise it's probably 50/50. Right now The Rhythm Section sits at 48% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 25 reviews. Then again, over a decade ago another January revenge film received a rotten score and it wound up being a fan favorite. We'll see starting this weekend if The Rhythm Section can pull a Taken and kick off a franchise. The Rhythm Section hits theaters on January 31. Check out our 2020 Release Schedule to keep track of all this year's biggest movies and for the latest entertainment news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Oh no that actress / model from good omens. She's a terrible actress. I dont think leno can save this film. Blake Lively, Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown star in Reed Morano's adaptation of Mark Burnell's best-seller about a woman who becomes an assassin to avenge her family's murder. Blake Lively receives above-the-title billing in The Rhythm Section, but the profusion of wigs she dons deserve equal credit. Playing the central character in this thriller based on the first book in Mark Burnell's popular Stephanie Patrick series, the actress wears so many headpieces that the proceedings begin to resemble a Carol Burnett Show sketch. It's but one of the many unintentionally comic aspects of the film, which otherwise strains for a seriousness it doesn't deserve. That solemn tone may perhaps be attributed to producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who have invested their James Bond franchise with similar angst (the once gloriously hedonistic secret agent seems to get more and more depressed with every installment. It's not that the storyline should be depicted frivolously, since it concerns a drug-addicted British prostitute, Stephanie Patrick (Lively) who becomes transformed into an assassin to avenge the deaths of her entire family in a plane crash caused by terrorists. But the plot elements are so credibility-straining that the only way the film could have worked is if it had leaned into its absurdity. Instead, director Reed Morano ( The Handmaid's Tale) opts for a stark grittiness that, while impressively realized, feels at odds with the pulpy material. She also relies a bit too heavily on a soundtrack littered with pop songs, such as "I'm Sorry" and "It's Now or Never. that ironically comment on the proceedings. The story begins with Stephanie in a desperate state, her life having been ruined by the deaths of her parents and two siblings three years earlier. One day, she's visited by a prospective john who curiously only wishes to talk to her. He turns out to be an "independent journalist" Raza Jaffrey, Netflix's Lost in Space) as his business card describes him, who informs her that the plane crash was actually caused by a Muslim terrorist, Reza (Tawfeek Barhom) who is still at large. Stunned by the news, Stephanie galvanizes herself to track Reza down and, armed with a gun, plans to shoot him in a crowded university cafeteria. At the last minute she's unable to go through with it, but she spooks her target to the degree that he goes into hiding. Not long afterward, she forms an alliance with a former M16 agent, Ian Boyd (Jude Law, downplaying his looks and charisma) now living alone in a cabin in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands, who agrees to train her in the deadly arts. If you're wondering about the film's title, it refers to a lesson imparted to Stephanie by Boyd, who, much like Bond, seems in serious need of anti-depressants. Since Stephanie is a newcomer to the practice of killing people, he advises her to attempt to suppress her fear and anxiety so she can be in better control of herself in dangerous situations. After months of unorthodox lessons that include swimming in a freezing lake (apparently, it's good for your fortitude) Stephanie embarks on her mission, posing as an exotic hit woman named Petra Reuter. During the adventures that ensue in exotic locales including Madrid, New York City, Tangiers and Marseille, she comes into contact with such shady characters as a former CIA agent (Sterling K. Brown, minus his trademark soulfulness) turned black-market information peddler and a perverted billionaire (Max Casella. The screenplay was written by the book's author, who seems to have streamlined it to the point of near-incomprehensibility. As the central character flits from one location to another, outfitted with an infinite variety of wardrobe changes, wigs and accents, viewers will be hard-pressed to know exactly what the hell is happening and why. Fortunately, there's Lively, adopting a convincing British accent, who almost, but not quite, manages to infuse the convoluted goings-on with enough gravitas to make them convincing. In recent years, she's become quite adept at elevating otherwise subpar material ( The Shallows and A Simple Favor being prime examples) and her efforts here are similarly unimpeachable. She handles her frequently physically demanding chores (which at one point resulted in an injury that delayed shooting for several months) with a grit and determination indicating she's more than ready for the sort of action movie franchise this film seems to be desperately striving to kick off. Production companies: Eon Productions, IM Global Distributor: Paramount Cast: Blake Lively, Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown, Raza Jaffrey, Max Casella, Richard Brake, Tawfeek Barhom Director: Reed Morano Screenwriter: Mark Burnell Producers: Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli Executive producers: Stuart Ford, Greg Shapiro, Mark Burnell, Rob Friedman, Vaishali Mistry, Donald Tang, Simon Williams, Gregg Wilson Director of photography: Sean Bobbitt Production designer: Tim Conroy Editor: Joan Sobel Composer: Steve Mazzaro Costume designer: Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh Casting: Debbie McWilliams Rated R, 109 minutes.

It's official Hollywood need writers. Stop wasting money on directors pay some good amount to writers this is just remake special or same poison wine in crappy bottle. The Rhythm Section Theatrical release poster Directed by Reed Morano Produced by Barbara Broccoli Michael G. Wilson Written by Mark Burnell Based on The Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell Starring Blake Lively Jude Law Sterling K. Brown Music by Steve Mazzaro Cinematography Sean Bobbitt Edited by Joan Sobel Production company Global Road Entertainment Eon Productions Danjaq LLC Ingenious Distributed by Paramount Pictures Release date January31,2020 (United States) Running time 109 minutes Country United Kingdom United States Language English Budget 50 million [1] Box office 2. 8 million [2] The Rhythm Section is a 2020 American action drama film directed by Reed Morano and written by Mark Burnell, based on Burnell's novel of the same name. [3] The film stars Blake Lively, Jude Law, and Sterling K. Brown, and follows a grieving daughter who sets out for revenge after discovering the plane crash that killed her family was no accident. The Rhythm Section was released in the United States on January 31, 2020, by Paramount Pictures. Premise [ edit] Stephanie Patrick is a woman who seeks to uncover the truth behind a plane crash that killed her family three years earlier. [1] Patrick was also meant to be on the flight. After she discovers that the crash was not accidental, she embarks on a mission to track down those responsible by assuming the identity of an assassin. [4] Cast [ edit] Blake Lively as Stephanie Patrick Jude Law as Iain Boyd Sterling K. Brown as Marc Serra Max Casella as Leon Giler Daniel Mays as Dean West Geoff Bell as Green Richard Brake as Lehmans Raza Jaffrey as Keith Proctor Tawfeek Barhom as Reza David Duggan as David Patrick Production [ edit] On August 16, 2017, it was reported that Paramount Pictures had acquired the rights to the film. [5] It has a production budget of around 50 million and is produced by EON Productions, the film company known for producing the James Bond films. [1] Principal photography on the film began in December 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. [6] Production was halted temporarily after Lively was injured on the film set, with filming scheduling to begin again in June. [7] Sterling K. Brown joined the film, as production resumed in Spain in mid-2018. [8] In July 2018, the film was shot in Almería with Law and Lively. [9] 10] Release [ edit] The film was originally scheduled to be released on February 22, 2019 but was pushed back to November 22, 2019 following Lively's on-set injury, and later again to January 31, 2020. [11] 12] Reception [ edit] Box office [ edit] In the United States and Canada, the film was released alongside Gretel & Hansel, and was originally projected to gross 9–12 million from 3, 049 theaters in its opening weekend. [13] However after making just 1. 2 million on its first day (including 235, 000 from Thursday night previews) projections were lowered to 3 million. [14] It went on to debut to just 2. 8 million, marking the worst opening weekend ever for a film playing in over 3, 000 theaters. [15] Critical response [ edit] On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 33% based on 110 reviews, with an average rating of 4. 74/10. The website's critical consensus reads: Blake Lively delivers an impressive lead performance, but The Rhythm Section plods predictably through a story that could have used some flashier riffs. 16] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score 44 out of 100, based on 35 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews. 17] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "C+ on an A+ to F scale, and PostTrak reported it received an average 2. 5 out of 5 stars, with 35% of people saying they would definitely recommend it. [15] Writing for Variety, Peter DeBruge stated that Blake Lively–unlike the protagonists in Atomic Blonde, Red Sparrow and La Femme Nikita –displayed "near-incompetence in the face of danger [that] makes her relatable in ways very few cinematic assassins have ever been. 18] References [ edit] a b c Galuppo, Mia; Kit, Borys (January 29, 2018. Blake Lively Spy Thriller 'The Rhythm Section' Suspends Production (Exclusive. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved December 15, 2018. ^ The Rhythm Section (2020. Box Office Mojo. IMDb. Retrieved February 2, 2020. ^ Reed Morano: Production break on 'The Rhythm Section' was a 'blessing in disguise' for Blake Lively thriller. Yahoo. Retrieved December 15, 2018. ^ Busch, Jenna (January 29, 2018. The Rhythm Section: Blake Lively Film Shuts Down Production. Retrieved December 15, 2018. ^ Jr, Mike Fleming (August 16, 2017. Paramount Lands Blake Lively Spy Thriller 'The Rhythm Section' By 007 Producers & IM Global. Deadline. 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Retrieved August 24, 2019. ^ Jeremy Fuster (January 28, 2020. The Rhythm Section' Arrives During Super Bowl Slump Weekend for Box Office. TheWrap. Retrieved January 29, 2020. ^ Dave McNary (January 31, 2020. Box Office: Blake Lively's 'Rhythm Section' Opens Quietly With 235, 000 on Thursday Night. Retrieved January 31, 2020. ^ a b Anthony D'Alessandro (February 2, 2020. Bad Boys For Life' Scores Over Super Bowl Weekend With 17M. Rhythm Section' Is A Mess. Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved February 2, 2020. ^ The Rhythm Section (2020. Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango. Retrieved February 1, 2020. ^ The Rhythm Section Reviews. Metacritic. CBS Interactive. Retrieved February 1, 2020. ^ ‘The Rhythm Section: Film Review Peter DeBruge, Variety, January 29, 2020 External links [ edit] The Rhythm Section on IMDb.

I ask myself this all the time. Rhythm section européenne. So its that “in the tall grass” film but with the suburbs. In case you hadn't noticed, former Gossip Girl Blake Lively has been on a bit of a roll in recent years, starring in a string of solid indie flicks like The Age of Adaline, The Shallows, and A Simple Favor.Now, Lively is lookingto continue that hot streak by playing against part in Reed Morano's ass-kicking espionage drama The Rhythm Section. Based on a popular novel of the same name, the film follows Lively's Stephanie Patrick as she rains terror down on the nefarious band of baddies who coordinated a plane crash that killed her family. The first trailer for TheRhythm Section dropped recently — and it promises the film will be every bit the bone-breaking, action-packed thriller such a setup would merit. It may also be the female-led, James Bond -styled franchise the world has been waiting for. Additionally, The Rhythm Section is definitely the moody, character-driven sort of tale one would expect of a filmdirected by Reed Morano ( Meadowland, I Think We're Alone Now. Of course, much of the propulsive moodiness running through the trailercomes via the crunchy wash of guitars and howling vocals of the song playing over the action. So, what's the song you ask in TheRhythm Section trailer? Well, it's a stone-cold classic from way, way back called "In the Pines. " They Rhythm Section trailer borrows its rhythm from Lead Belly It's entirely possible that you've seen the song titled "Where Did You Sleep Last Night. or even "My Girl. Regardless of what it's been called over the years, In The Pines" is a brooding beast of a folk song that can be traced all the way back to Civil War times. It was first made popular by the 1941 recording from bluegrass icon Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys. Of course, most folks are probably a bit more familiar with the haunting, racially-charged cover recorded by blues legend Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter a few years later — an alternate version that took on a different meaning withthe lyric change from "My girl, my girl, don't cha lie to me" to "Black girl, black girl, don't cha lie to me. " If you're curious about the heavy-hitting cover you hear in The RhythmSection trailer, it comes via indie rock stalwarts Sleigh Bells, who recorded their very own version of the song for the movie. It was a task the pair did not take lightly, addressing the song's legacy in a recent tweet. Sleigh Bells notedthat some other versions of the iconic folk tune are "total classics. and that recording their own version "was terrifying but we went for it. It certainly sounds like they did just that, putting a unique spin on a generation-spanning classic. "In the Pines" is an oft-covered song Though we're absolutely digging what we've heard of Sleigh Bells' In the Pines" cover in the trailer for The Rhythm Section, it's worth noting that they're far from the first artists to cover the track in the years since LeadBelly put his stamp on the material. In the decades since, In the Pines" has been covered by a wide swathe of musicians — including country mavens likeLoretta Lynn and Dolly Parton, folkies Joan Baez and Laura Gibson, and indie rockers Smog. Most recently, fans of Starz's adaptation of Neil Gaiman 's American Gods even heard composer Brian Reitzell and former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Laneganput their own eerie twist on the song for the show's soundtrack. Perhaps the most famous cover of "In the Pines" titled "Where Did You Sleep Last Night. on the official tracklist)was set to tape in 1994, when grunge rock gods Nirvana closed their legendary "MTV Unplugged" set with a version of the song that erred particularly close to the style of Lead Belly, whom Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain then claimed was his favorite performer. Per a 1994 New York Times piece, it was apparently Lanegan (himself a mainstay on the Seattle scene) who first exposed Cobain to Lead Belly and his take on "In the Pines. Oddly enough, the version that Cobain and co. laid down during their acoustic set on MTV really did prove a show-stopper, and became a surprise hit amongst their fervid fanbase upon release. It even made an instant fan of legendary rocker Neil Young, who famously called Cobain's vocals on the track "unearthly, like a werewolf, unbelievable. " If you've yet to hear Nirvana's take on"In the Pines. we'd urge you to do so immediately. If you're dying to hear Sleigh Bells' take on the track, for now you'll just have to keep replaying The Rhythm Section trailer for that tasty snippet — though the band is assuring their own fans that their lush, pop-centric cover of the iconic folk tune should be available everywhere music is streamed in "a couple of weeks. Let's hope it gets here sooner than later. If nothing else, we'd wager the song might also feature prominently in TheRhythm Section, which is slated to hit theaters on January 31, 2020.

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Any relationship or similarities to the books by Robert B. Parker is purely coincidental. I mean, I don't think there's much there from the books but the character's names. January 29, 2020 9:00AM PT The plot may be boilerplate in this female-driven revenge thriller, but Blake Lively sells it, playing an action hero who fights like a real person: badly. Its a wonder that Stephanie Patrick makes it to the end of “ The Rhythm Section ” alive. Normal people tend not to survive the kind of sophisticated revenge mission that snaps Stephanie out of her depression and into action-hero mode in Reed Morano s dark, broody and unexpectedly human payback thriller, which stars Blake Lively as a more-motivated-than-coordinated Post Traumatic Suffering Dispenser. Lest you fear any mention of her survival constitutes a spoiler, consider this: The movie was adapted from the first of four pulpy Stephanie Patrick novels written by Mark Burnell, so of course she doesnt die. But she comes awfully close on several occasions, and her near-incompetence in the face of danger makes her relatable in ways very few cinematic assassins have ever been. Paramount is opening the movie in January, the month where Liam Neeson is typically the one to do this kind of dirty work. Lively is hardly the actors obvious substitute, though the character she plays — a rock-bottom junkie prostitute — absolutely convinces she has nothing to lose. Actually, since Burnells novel was optioned by Eon, the production company behind the James Bond franchise, some have wondered whether Stephanie Patricks supposed to be some kind of gender-flipped 007. (No, says Bond custodian Barbara Broccoli. From the very first scene, audiences should realize that theyre watching a very different type of character. In many ways, shes even less like “Atomic Blonde, ” in which Charlize Therons meticulously choreographed, unerringly lethal fighting style is fun to watch but pure fantasy. Stephanie, by contrast, panics under pressure. Shes a bad shot, and an even worse driver. In hand-to-hand combat, she gets thrown around, battered and very nearly killed. Multiple times. The movie begins in Tangiers, where Stephanie has gone to eliminate one of the men responsible for the death of her family. (They died in an airplane bombing, and given the spectacle that might have provided, its a wonder the movie doesnt start there. But then, Burnell adapted the novel himself, so he must have had his reasons. So, in the amuse bouche opener, Stephanie creeps into his home and points her gun at the back of his head. But she cant bring herself to pull the trigger. Could you? “ The Rhythm Section ” features lots of terse, no-nonsense dialogue but some pretty corny voiceover — like the howler Livelys obliged to recite to explain the films title. Standing there in silhouette, her weapon extended, Stephanies all jitters. But thats a much more interesting way to approach her first hit anyway. The only person obliged to be a consummate professional here is Morano, a former DP who helmed the first three episodes of “The Handmaids Tale, ” effectively setting the tone for the hit Hulu series. This is her third feature, following tragedy-p*rn “Meadowland” and post-apocalyptic two-hander “I Think Were Alone Now, ” and the assignment puts fresh demands on its director. Pulling it off means Moranos obliged to think differently not only about action, but also about how she works with actors. This isnt an easy role, but Lively aces it. Flashing back more than half a year earlier, the film finds Stephanie looking a lot worse for wear, with scars on her wrists and tears in her eyes. To erase the pain of the plane crash that claimed her parents lives, she turns tricks for smack in a squalid London flat. Shes scraping along rock bottom when an investigative reporter named Keith Proctor (Raza Jaffrey) shows up with inside information on the accident — which wasnt an accident but an attack, he insists. According to Proctor, the authorities know who built the explosive device but have left him to walk the streets of London a free man. “Why did you come for me? ” Stephanie asks. Without missing a beat, Proctor replies, “Because youre another victim. Youre just not dead yet. ” But a couple scenes later, Proctors dead, found with his throat slit in his own apartment. His flat has been art-directed to look like a serial killers inner sanctum, and snooping around, Stephanie manages to glean enough from his files to track down his most important source, a nameless ex-CIA operative ( Jude Law) with demons of his own. His damage is nothing compared with hers, however. Stephanies still addicted to drugs at this point, and Lively shows us what that looks like, twitching on top of all the trauma her character is already carrying. The psychology of how this once-promising college grad would transform herself first into such a trainwreck — all bruises and track marks, spiky hair and smoky eyes — and from there into an avenging badass is shaky, but Livelys commitment sells it. Stephanie assumes the identity of a ruthless hitwoman, Petra Reuter (an excuse for wig changes and an attitude makeover) and reaches out to an information trafficker named Marc Serra (Sterling K. Brown) to identify the target we saw her about to eliminate in the opening scene. On paper, the rest of the film seems fairly routine: a series of setpieces against a revolving backdrop of glamorous international locations. Weve seen it in movies like “Atomic Blonde, ” “Red Sparrow” and “La Femme Nikita. ” Those women are all sexy, self-confident killing machines. But what sets “The Rhythm Section” apart is the simple matter of identification. Shes not a natural. She freezes up, and cant do what she was trained for. Instead of fighting, she flails wildly, hoping one of her kicks connects with her adversarys crotch. When she gets hit, it looks like it hurts. And when her gun falls into the bad guys hands, she may as well be dead meat. In the end, its luck, not skill that keeps her alive. Thats how most of us would be in her situation. Moments later, in an impressively staged, single-take car chase, Stephanie/Petra nearly gets pushed off a cliff. And so it continues through the final showdown. Its probably for the best that most action movies dont unfold like this, where careful planning devolves to desperate innovation in the heat of the moment. But this is whats meant by “visceral, ” and it works in this context — and must be an awful lot harder to pull off, behind the camera. Morano manages, and if Stephanie Patrick ever gets another big-screen mission, itll be interesting to see what this experience has taught her. James Bond made his way to Super Bowl LIV, debuting a new trailer for “No Time to Die. ” The footage, putting the spotlight on Daniel Craigs British spy, promises the 25th “Bond” movie will change everything. “No Time to Die” is Craigs fifth take on the secret agent, a role he first assumed in 2006s. Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh take center stage in the new “Black Widow” trailer that dropped at the 54th Super Bowl. Details are scarce on the next Marvel movie, directed by Cate Shortland, but new footage teases Natasha Romanoffs life before she was an Avenger. “You dont know everything about me, ” Johanssons Black Widow says. Tom Cruise has made an enemy in the newest “Top Gun: Maverick” trailer, which premiered during the 54th annual Super Bowl on Sunday. “My Dad believed in you, Im not going to make the same mistake, ” says Miles Teller who is playing Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, son of Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, deceased wingman to Cruises character. The Sundance Film Festival is fighting a battle thats been building for several years, and what its fighting for can be summed up in one word: relevance. What makes a Sundance movie relevant? In a sense, the old criteria still hold. Its some combination of box-office performance, awards cachet, and that buzzy, you-know-it-when-you-see-it thing of. When Tim Bell died in London last summer, the media response was largely, somewhat sheepishly, polite: It was hard not to envision the ruthless political spin doctor still massaging his legacy from beyond the grave. “Irrepressible” was the first adjective chosen in the New York Timesobituary. “He had far too few scruples about who he. After three weeks in theaters, Sonys “Bad Boys for Life” is officially the highest-grossing installment in the action-comedy series. The Will Smith and Martin Lawrence-led threequel has made 291 million globally to date, pushing it past previous franchise record holder, 2003s “Bad Boys II” and its 271 million haul. The first entry, 1995s “Bad Boys, ”. World War I story “1917” dominated the BAFTA film awards, which were awarded Sunday evening at Londons Royal Albert Hall with Graham Norton hosting. The wins for “1917” included best film, best director for Sam Mendes and outstanding British film. The awards are broadcast on the BBC in the United Kingdom and at 5 p. m...

Everyone: This movie should be called A Quieter Place Me: The trailer already made more noise than the whole first movie did combined. This must be the scariest Mcu trailer Ive ever seen. Chris looks like a disappointed father in the thumbnail. I loved all songs ❤️. Rhythm sections. By Brian D. Renner Jan. 24, 2020 Who's Involved: Blake Lively, Barbara Broccoli, Sterling K. Brown, Stuart Ford, Greg Shapiro, Reed Morano, Mark Burnell, Jude Law, Michael Wilson, Daniel Mays, Raza Jaffrey, Rob Friedman, Gregg Wilson, Vaishali Mistry, Simon Williams, Donald Tang Rating: N/A Runtime: N/A The Rhythm Section Official stills & photos 12 more The Rhythm Section Plot: What's the story? Blake Lively stars as Stephanie Patrick, an ordinary woman on a path of self-destruction after her family is tragically killed in a plane crash. When Stephanie discovers that the crash was not an accident, she enters a dark, complex world to seek revenge on those responsible and find her own redemption. 2. 00 / 5 stars ( 1 users) Poll: Will you see The Rhythm Section? The Rhythm Section Cast: Who are the actors? Film Details & Notes: What do we know about The Rhythm Section? A woman is on a mission of revenge to find the people responsible for the plane crash that killed her family. As Hollywood Reporter notes (1/29/18. It is currently unclear when filming will recommence. One insider said that just under half the movie has been shot, while another source said it could be five months before the production resumes. The hope is this will become a film franchise (Deadline, 8/16/17. Mark Burnell will adapt from his own novel, which was published in 1999. Crew and Production Credits: Who's making The Rhythm Section? A look at the The Rhythm Section behind-the-scenes crew and production team. The film's director Reed Morano last directed Meadowland and Sabaya. The film's writer Mark Burnell last wrote Remote Control. Producers Barbara Broccoli Michael Wilson The Rhythm Section Trailers & Videos Production Timeline: When did the The Rhythm Section come together? On or about January 23, 2019 • The film was in Completed status. On or about June 1, 2018 • The film was in Production status. On or about April 3, 2018 • The film was in Shutdown status. Production has been suspended while Blake Lively recuperates from a hand injury. On or about September 28, 2017 • The film was in Pre-Production status. The film will begin production this fall and will likely shoot in the U. S., the U. K., Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland. On or about July 14, 2017 • The film was in Development status. On or about July 14, 2017 • The film was in Pre-Production status. Production is scheduled to begin in fall 2017. Questions: Frequently Asked About The Rhythm Section.

0:17 Yow that sounds like Stranger Things. Synopsis: Stephanie Patrick, a woman who seeks to uncover the truth behind a plane crash that killed her family. Patrick was also meant to be on the flight. After she discovers that the crash was not accidental, she embarks on a mission to track down those responsible by assuming the identity of an assassin. LATEST THEATRICAL RELEASES Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made Horse Girl The Lodge Birds of Prey See More Here LATEST BLU-RAY RELEASES Doctor Sleep The Nightingale Rabid ORDER Playing with Fire Last Christmas Waves See More Here.

The Rhythm Section, 2020. Directed by Reed Morano. Starring Blake Lively, Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown, Daniel Mays, Ivana Bašić, Nasser Memarzia, Max Casella, Richard Brake, Raza Jaffrey, Geoff Bell, Jade Anouka, and Tawfeek Barhom. SYNOPSIS: A woman seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family. If at any point one character straightfaced calls the protagonist a cliché, thats as good a sign as any to do another draft. The Rhythm Section is written by Mark Burnell (adapting his own novel) yet also given a fresh female story perspective with director Reed Morano (an Emmy winner for directing episodes of The Handmaids Tale) at the helm, but unfortunately, none of them know what to do with the shining Oxford student turned grieving junkie/prostitute in the face of an unthinkable family tragedy that, three years later, meets former intelligence operatives that unearth a deeper conspiracy behind what was actually a attack, while also readying her to become an assassin of her own. Blake Lively does solid work in the role of Stephanie Patrick, but shes being asked to convey everything from survivors guilt to sexual abuse trauma to drug addiction, only for some of those traits to be immediately taken away for her to transform into a silent killer taking advantage of the skills she does have. The problem is that when its finally time for her to get into the field (at least an hour of this movie is exposition and painfully slow training lessons) she is given missions from Sterling K. Brown (another source for intel) that feels like the most basic objectives debriefing for a Hitman game, but also if the entirety of the planning and sneaking of that mission was skipped so we could watch Stephanie go right for the kill. Basically, thats another way of saying the action here lacks involvement and purpose aside from an impressive tracking shot car chase that switches between first and third-person perspectives. Also, you have real problems if I think the story of a Hitman game (its a popular franchise known for stealthy gameplay and is rarely driven by an engaging narrative) is more intriguing than the generic terrorist bombing cover-up here. Thats not to say that The Rhythm Section needs to flesh out its villains, as they are clearly senseless murderers motivated by Islamic extremism and/or money. Although, for starters, it would be wise to not make the identity of one the attackers a mystery when there are only two realistic options to choose from (I gave up hoping to be surprised halfway into the movie. No, the bigger issue is that Stephanie herself is a boring protagonist where its difficult to buy into her wanting to enter this lifestyle or becoming a self-destructive mess in the first place. The story is even worse at getting into the personal pain driving these bold life decisions. For as unnecessarily long as her field training at the hands of Jude Law goes on, it is nice that the first time Stephanie does get physical, she is still very clearly not ready for any of this, putting herself in danger and pushing herself beyond her limits in the name of vengeance. As a result, there is more urgency in danger in a few of the one-on-one fight sequences even if its obvious shes not going to die. Her lack of proper preparation and combat experience also makes the aforementioned car chase intense in addition to serving as a cinematography highlight. Blake Lively also put in some gym work so that these more physical scenes come across believable and somewhat visceral; I wish I was able to say I cared about her actual character more, but I did wince every time she unsuccessfully blocked or dodged a punch. On that note, its a shame how little action there is in The Rhythm Section. The characters and story simply arent good enough to justify saving the mild thrills until the last 45 minutes (and even then there are some serious pacing issues going from action sequence to action sequence. However, there is a worthwhile subplot to further explore in a mother who also lost someone in the terrorist attack, as it feels like Reed Morano wants to say something of substance about how men and women approach revenge from different angles. Sadly, it only gets about 10 minutes of screen time. Lastly, it needs to be briefly mentioned that The Rhythm Section is somewhat about coping with the loss of loved ones following an airborne tragedy, which could be a touchy subject for those still struggling to process the recent death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, terrorist involvement or not. If you are sensitive to that sort of thing, its even more definitive that you should probably skip The Rhythm Section. There are some decent individual scenes but as a whole, sigh* it just never finds a graceful rhythm. Flickering Myth Rating – Film: ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ Robert Kojder is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Flickering Myth Reviews Editor. Check here for new reviews, friend me onFacebook, follow my Twitter or Letterboxd, check out my personal non-Flickering Myth affiliated Patreon, or email me at.

Rhythm section movie. What's another word for stress. Never knew i was waiting for this till they made it. Damn i thought that was Theresa May. AHHHH. Your hair looks FABULOUS! 💅🏼💅🏼. Rhythm section 508. What's another word for started. Rhythm section label. 𝑺𝑶𝒐𝒐𝒐 pretty. Wasn't expecting all of this from the title. What's another word for same. How can you forget Danger Close? It's a vietnam war movie.

Rhythm section trailer song. 1:08 This is what I call e a r g a s m. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - November 7, 2017 It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Close It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. Close I wanted this to be so much better. jude law was great so was Blake lively, too bad they wrote the. m a script that was disjointed and unbelievable. if you can't believe the main character's evolution, then you cant believe the story. See More Fantastic film. Really enjoyed it. Plenty of action. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great movie! Blake proves she is as Talented as her husband at a Action movie genre! Find your rhythm. She needs to find the ones who did this. "It's such an adrenaline rush...

The trailer took a turn that i wasnt expecting right when i was about to click off the video. That finger gun looks awfully realistic. What's another word for secret. Average rating 3. 48 1, 103 ratings 148 reviews, Start your review of The Rhythm Section (Stephanie Patrick #1) This book was a great story; I can see it absolutely killing it as a movie. The Rhythm Section is a mashup of Bourne Identity and trilogy, and Stephanie Patrick reminded me of a combination of Lisbeth Salander and Dominika Egorova. Reading through the reviews, I recognize a few issues some people will have with this book. 1) I notice a lot of women read this and did not enjoy it. They found it "tropey" because it was written by a dude, and apparently only women are allowed to write female... I chose to read this because it's being turned into a movie. I can see why. It should be a fun action/spy movie. I can't remember the last time a book had me and lost me and won me back in such a circular fashion. The main character is absolutely fascinating and makes up for not being James Bond by being something 180 degrees from him. All the sex and violence here is grimly realistic and played for grit not flash. Stephanie is such vividly dire straits, it nearly overwhelms the espionage plot, which is where a lot of the problems lie. Once her missions begin, the book gets bogged down in the kind of... I unfortunately lost interest halfway through. It was interesting at first, but then became much too confusing and frankly, drawn out in my opinion. Overall I can see why this book is going to make a good movie, but reading it was painful. The main character is woman whos written by a male author and its very obvious. I never felt connected to any of the characters, the main character especially. And at 400+ pages it felt like much of the content in the middle could have been cut out and distilled. Sadly, only the last 40 pages were my favorite part of the book. Have you seen the movie trailer for the film adaptation of this book with Blake Lively? The theme song (ballad: MY GIRL - covered here by the Sleigh Bells, and previously famously covered by Kurt Cobain) is haunting. Movie trailer. Sleigh Bells cover of My Girl ballad. I bet sales of this book are going to go through the rough after this movie comes out. Check out my blog at for more reviews and bookish content. I was looking for something to listen to during my work day. I love suspense, thriller genre books but. you have got to be joking with this one. We start the book with a plane crash, and then we meet Lisa, a drugged out prostitute who needs to be rescued by a man to turn her life around. A journalist who started out by just trying to get her story and who helped her get sober from drugs. I have no... 3. 5 stars I had the same experience as Ed states in his review below: it had me, lost me and then won me back. The story starts out very good and it had me interested in Stephanie from the beginning. But then all the characters and connections just became too much, getting me confused and less committed to the story. Now I must be honest and admit that possibly my letting other books getting in the way of reading this one regularly, may have contributed to that. The last part though won me back... I loved how this book blended fast moving action with deeper exploration of love, sex and the effects of trauma. Highly recommended for lots of reasons The cinematic release of Christie's Death on the Nile has been pushed forward to 2020... Was hyped to read this book because reviews and even the dust jacket compare it to La Femme Nikita, which was a favorite TV show of mine in the 90s. But bratty Stephanie is no Nikita. We're told repeatedly that Stephanie is really really smart, but the author rarely lets us see her intelligence in action. Instead, she spends most of the book stumbling from one male character to the next, using them for a crutch or cashing in on their profession/reconnaissance via sex and threats. It becomes... Didn't enjoy the characters, plot, or writing. The movie will likely be good though. This was a slow read, and I'm not going to bother finishing it. Hard to really like the main character - the author somehow felt the need to continuously remind the reader that Stephanie is a former prostitute which was repetitive, useless and just plain lazy. The changes from first to second person narratives were odd and clunky, especially when done mid chapter. Skip this book I'd read this 20 years ago. It is, at last, about to come out as a movie. Fortunately, in re-reading it, I remembered nothing, other than that I'd loved it. It is as good the second time around! The series of four Stephanie Patrick novels (or as I think of them, Petra Reuter novels) are as good as anything that LeCarre or Steinhauer wrote. A reasonably capable thriller series championed by "The Economist. Think "Alias" with more sex and fewer gadgets. Interesting read. Ill be curious to see the movie This book is about a woman who has lost her family in a plane crash and tries to find herself... Stephanie Patrick takes on different names and roles from Prostitute, drunk, addict, German assassin, business woman and enters into the world of international espionage while avenging her family and finding Her real identity. Stephanie is the main and leading character and the story evolves around her. She is intelligent with a temperament and is difficult to handle and has a smart mouth. A movie is... Really not my type of story. When it first started I thought I was going to like it but it is just not my genre and I was pretty bored and uninterested in the story. I really don't think I will bother continuing the series. Blah read! The idea seemed wonderful. The execution was terrible. The plot and the characters were bland. It simply did not capture my interest nor intrigue me enough to even want to finish. Certainly wanted to like this more than I did. This is disappointing... female hero is through a male eyes (to be quality she must be damaged and a former mething that NEVER goes without reminding. Hard to get through and uninspired. Maybe the movie will be more interesting? PopsugarReadingChallenge 2019 Prompt - A book becoming a movie in 2019 This is going to be one of those times where I enjoy the movie more than the book. Maybe; because after reading this, I'm not sure that I even want to watch the movie. Not my kettle of fish. Way too slow. Couldnt finish it. Not my type of book. I see how it will be a movie though. Loved this, great read, very exciting and highly unpredictable. Have the book here if anyone wants to read it next: Really good read loved central character will find others in series asap This book tried to do too much. The switching between first and third person narrative did nothing to improve it either. Shouldve quit. Listened anyway. Felt dated and way too long with an abrupt ending. I dont care enough to continue the story. If you like spy novels you may enjoy just not my cuppa tea. Maybe the movie will be better! I can see how Blake Livey could make this work in a movie! A guy wrote a female character but it was too clear a guy wrote it (hope that makes sense. This a sexist trope. Prostitute turned spy.

This website uses cookies to provide you with a better experience You can adjust your cookie settings through your browser. If you do not adjust your settings, you are consenting to us issuing all cookies to you. That line sold me. One of lifes mysterys sir. Back when I was in love with xhibit 😂😂💀💀💀.

Blake is gorgeous. What a brilliant tune this was. I found myself DJ'ing at a house party in Ibiza just a few years ago and the guy whose flat it was had this in his collection. I was amazed and put it on immediately. Rhythm section movie wigs. Looking for movie tickets? Tell us where you are. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO Need a refund or exchange? It's easy with our worry-free tickets. Here's what's included with every worry-free ticket purchase: Peace of mind of a guaranteed ticket. We know life happens. You may exchange or request a refund for your entire order, less the convenience fee, through Fandango up until the posted showtime. You'll have to complete your refund and exchange before the posted showtime indicated on your ticket. We'll refund your credit card or we can credit your Fandango account to use for another movie. Your choice. Released January 31, 2020 R, 1 hr 49 min Action/Adventure Suspense/Thriller Sign up for a FANALERT and be the first to know when tickets and other exclusives are available in your area. Also sign me up for FanMail to get updates on all things movies: tickets, special offers, screenings + more.

Rhythm section movie trailer. 0:55 pimp my ride made its debute in 2004, and ran for 6 seasons untill 2007 i think this girl does not understand math... “Dont expect a firm handshake from an old lady.”. I LOVE HOW MOVIES LIE TO YOU WHEN THIS IS REALLY Terminator 3 AND Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines WAS A TOTAL LIE. Rhythm section rattler crossword. Rhythm section reviews. My mom meet my dad and fell in love when they re 21 years old,after 5 months knowing each other, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and during her treatment my dad proposed to her😭 n they got married. N glad my mom now. But my dad just passed away 3 months ago. Mom still cherish him. This movie gonna touch me a lot. Especially when I watched theirs videos dancing together and celebrate birthday while my mom at the hospital. *Sorry for my broken English btw.

The Rhythm Section - by Jake Young, February 01, 2020

3.2/ 5stars

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